Type of Gamers: Which One Are You?

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3 min readAug 6, 2021


Games have existed for a long time. The more advanced the technology, the more games exist with various genres. Even mobile games have been enjoyed by many people. Playing games has also changed in meaning. From just an ordinary game to a hobby, even a job sector.

On top of many types and genres of game, players or gamers also have types and habits, ranging from casual, hardcore to professional gamers.

Based on the research from Newzoo, they classify gamers into 8 types based on the aspect of playing, watching, and owning.

  1. The Conventional Player
    As much as 4% of the gamer population is the Conventional Gamer type. This type of gamer is a gamer who only likes to play games, they are not too interested in watching gaming matches or participating in eSports tournaments. Conventional gamers have a lot of gaming hardware and they prefer to play alone.
  2. The Backseat Viewer
    Backseat Viewers are the type of gamers who used to play games often, but due to other responsibilities, they stopped playing games for a certain time. They like to reminisce about the times they played games by watching other people play games or playing the old school games they used to love. This type of gamer covers 6% of the gamer population.
  3. The All-Around Enthusiast
    This type of gamer is very balanced type. They enjoy playing games, but are not as obsessed as other types. They also love to watch eSports games and competitions. 9% of the gamer population is this type.
  4. The Hardware Enthusiast
    As you see in the title, this type of gamer follows hardware trends. They may have a complete and expensive gaming setup. Same with all around enthusiasts, 9% of gamers are hardware enthusiasts.
  5. Ultimate Gamer
    One of you reading this right now is probably the ultimate type of gamer. You like to spend your time and money to play games and everything related to games. As many as 13% of gamers are this type of gamer.
  6. The Popcorn Gamer
    From the name alone, you can probably guess, popcorn? watch?
    Yep, that’s right, popcorn gamers are the type who prefers to watch other people play. They love games, but not as much as they like watching people play. Maybe if others have a hobby of playing games, this type has a hobby of watching games only. They also of course know a lot of knowledge related to the game. The number of this type covers about 13%.
  7. The Cloud Gamer
    Few of the population are cloud gamers. 19% of gamers are cloud gamers. They are the type to play games, but they will only pay for the essentials. They love watching streams, playing free or discounted games.
  8. The Time FIller
    Being the top population level, 27% of the gamer population is a time filler type of gamer. They like games as entertainment only. Playing games is an activity to kill time for this type of gamer.

So, what type of gamer are you?
Do you only like games as entertainment or are you serious about it to become a pro player?

Whatever it is, you can use so many platforms to play gamer, one of the Bountie. You can discover so many challenges, create tournaments, shop and stream tournaments on Bountie.

Well, except he types above, there are several other types of gamers reported from kabargames.id.

  • Toxic gamers, those who are so noisy when playing games, also throw tons of swearing.
  • AFK gamers, those who are close to losing prefer to withdraw and get away from the game.
  • Ambitious gamers, those who are super sensitive and can’t be joked around while playing games.
  • Panick gamers, those who like to panic when attacked by the opponent.
  • Dating app gamers, those who are looking for a romantic partner while playing games.
  • Royal gamers, those who will spend money on everything related to their favorite game.
  • Professional gamers, who pursue gaming professionally.

So many types of gamers that exist, I hope you are not one of the annoying gamers.



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