The Most Defining E3 Moments Since 2005

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E3 2018 is just a week away, and we are excited! For those who don’t know, E3 is short for Electronic Entertainment Expo and it’s a 3-to-4 day event where the biggest and brightest of the video games industry gather to show off the latest in games and gaming technology, and also show off their biggest booth displays and props. The show also houses the best and worst video game company press conferences that make us laugh, cheer, and cringe.

You know what else makes us cheer? This games music list.

Whether they were good, bad, or ugly, these presentations were memorable to all of us, especially since some of them helped shape E3 to what it is right now. Let us take a trip down memory lane before the 2018 version of the biggest gaming expo kicks in, and check out the best and funniest the industry has to offer.

Nintendo America’s Big Boss Taking Charge — E3 2004

“I’m about kicking ass. I’m about taking names. And we’re about making games.” The words of Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime booms through the halls of the Nintendo Press Conference in 2004. Some might see this as cocky, but it’s basically confidence in the brand.

Remember that this was a time when Nintendo was at its low point with the Gamecube. Nintendo needed someone like Reggie to take the reins and lead the conversation to how the brand is about games, period. Sometimes, a good spin is enough if done with a charismatic lead, and no one was as unique as Fils-Aime.

Halo 2 Announcement & Release Date — E3 2005

An E3 press conference wouldn’t be complete without some level of theatrics and commitment from its showmen. After some awesome gameplay footage of Halo 2, then-Xbox lead Peter Moore revealed the release date of the game in the best way possible: through a real tattoo on his right arm.

He pulled off the same stunt on his left arm a year later with a Grand Theft Auto IV announcement, but his first attempt was a lot more impactful because it was unheard of in a prim and proper kind of presentation.

Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Reveal -E3 2005

If Nintendo’s 2004 presentation was a revolution, the end of Nintendo’s 2005 presentation was a climactic trumpet to signal a new progression. A new Zelda announcement was all it needed to put faith back in the game industry, so what better way than to have an epic trailer followed by its lead designer Shigeru Miyamoto coming into the scene with sword and shield in hand?

Truly this was the time when E3 had awestrucking and inspiring presentations and reveals before it evolved into something a little more…typical and expected.

PlayStation’s Fall From Grace — E3 2006

It seems that with the PS2 doing gangbusters, there was no way that PlayStation can fall from grace, can they? Well in 2006’s E3 press conference, they did just that in one fell swoop.

President Kaz Hirai was there to tell everyone that (i) they’re on top of the market (ii) people are willing to pay a lot for their upcoming new consoles, and (iii) people are excited about a safari simulation, a realistic racing game, a generic hack-and-slash, and Ridge Racer. As you can tell, the delivery and execution left much to be desired.

The presentation was so bad that it nearly put PlayStation on the brink of extinction. It wasn’t until many years until PlayStation got their groove back.

Jamie Kennedy Lowers The Presentation Bar — E3 2007

Activision held a press conference to showcase its Tony Hawk titles and their latest Call of Duty. Problem was that they picked the wrong kind of host: Jamie Kennedy.

This “comedian” was insulting and patronizing to the audience and journalists. As a result, people lambasted him and Activision’s decision to bring in such a host. This is a firsthand lesson for first-party and third-party developers to learn: sometimes an actor from Hollywood may not be the best host for a video game presentation.

Konami’s Unforgettable Presentation — E3 2009

If you want to see the depths of Konami’s mind, look no further than this presentation. It’s filled with awkward moments, odd deliveries, and even a luchadore slap-fest. Yes, there were games present, but they all pale in comparison to the surrealism of this showcase.

Nintendo 3DS Reveal — E3 2010

All it took was Nintendo head honcho Satoru Iwata to come out with full confidence and talk about their new handheld: the 3DS. And the best part? The people who were in attendance immediately get a hands-on with the device as there were attendants with the 3DS attached to their hip belts.

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