How to get your first 1000 downloads for your game?

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3 min readJun 21, 2020


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We all know how to get a million downloads… Spend 10 million dollars on Facebook, Google and Apple ads. I’m kidding!

What if you are a small studio with limited budget, then what do you do?

There are some great tips out there of building your 1,000 True Fans and doing things that don’t scale.

More specifically for the esports and gaming industry, you could work with/on Bountie’s tournament platform to easily get your first 1,000 avid gamers.

Recently, we had the privilege to organise and host Disney’s MARVEL Super War. This is MARVEL’s first MOBA game on Mobile. If you are a fan of the MARVEL series and want to be Iron Man blasting your Unibeam, you MUST check this game out.

MARVEL Super War Tournament on Bountie

Upon the confirmation of the tournament, it took us only a couple of days to plan out the mechanics and details of the tournament, prepare the design for tournament page and then getting 16 teams of 5 filled for a single elimination tournament.

Tournament Overview

Instead of dishing out cash for prize pool, we gave out USD1,000 in value of MARVEL Super War’s Crystals, Hero Clues and Skin Clues. This allowed our winners to be even more engaged with the game and flex their new character in their future games. There are also Rare and Epic skins for the 1st and 2nd Prize winners.

Prizes Tab

With so many platforms now offering streaming services, it’s easy to get live stream setup for fans who’s wants to catch their favourite teams play and also other gamers who are interested in the game and learn how to crush their opponents from the really good teams in this tournament.

Bountie’s tournament platform allowed the tournament to be easily created, displaying the information in a clear concise manner as well as the gamers to register all under one platform. Our tournament brackets also clearly displays the progression of the winning teams all the way to the finals. Congrats to team SES•Vengeance on winning this tournament!

Tournament Brackets Tab

Now you see, this is an excellent way for you to encourage gamers to download your game, spend time training and be good at it to win the tournaments that are organised for them. This tournament had 16 teams of 5, with a total of 80 gamers. Imagine a larger scale tournament with 200 teams or a weekly tournament schedule running for 2 months with 25 teams each. This will give you a 1,000 gamers downloading your game and playing it frequently.

We understand that you being a game developer is more focused on creating great content and gameplay for the gamers. For organising tournaments or growing your player base, feel free to reach out to us at, we will be share what we can do and support.



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