eSports Behind the Scene: What it is Like to Run a Professional Event?

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3 min readJul 28, 2021


Are you curious about how eSports works behind the scene?
What are the challenges the crews encounter when they run a show and a tournament? Let’s see how behind the scene of this industry is!

Many people are not familiar with eSports, but many are already in this field, either as gamers, professional players, or even just eSports lovers. However, in running an eSports event, many parties involved behind the scenes are the key to success and performance. Every successful eSports event has a formidable team behind it, right?

Running an eSports broadcast requires a lot of skill and a capable person to put on a live show. All things related to live shows, from event ideas to technicals, are handled by the production team.

Here are some roles of the eSports event production team:

  1. Observer
  2. Producer
  3. Camera Director
  4. Floor Manager
  5. Technical Manager
  6. Sound Engineering

What are the hurdles and challenges encountered by the eSports production team when running a live show?
Darren Parlimbangan, an eSports producer who has run live shows, shares his experience working in the eSports industry on the latest Bountie talk show, The Drop Zone.

Bountie Drop Zone : Episode Zero

As a producer at Mineski Indonesia, which is one of the largest eSports organizations in SEA, Darren Parlimbangan was active in the television industry before finally deciding to enter eSports. Recognizing the significant difference between TV broadcast and eSports broadcast, Darren can adapt and run several eSports live shows.

As a producer, Darren is responsible for running the event, during pre-production, production, and post-production. Making the right decisions is a responsibility that he holds to achive a successful the event. Good preparation also holds the key to the perfection of the event. Some preparations that the production team must do are technical, content production, talent needs, and others. Especially during this pandemic, communication and coordination before, during, and after the event is crucial and also a challenge that must be overcome.

What does a successful event mean for an eSports producer?
A successful eSports event for Darren is an event that has minor troubles and the trouble won’t give a big impact during the event and it’s easy to find a solution.

What are the difficulties and challenges when creating and running an eSports show?
Every time running a live show, of course, comes with challenges. One of the challenges faced by the eSports crew is to unite the existing ideas. Working in the creative industry requires the team to think far and out of the box, every idea given is a great idea to implement. However, uniting ideas and choosing the right time to implement them is a challenge that must be faced by the production team, therefore making the right decisions is very important.

For Darren, the eSports industry still has a great chance of success, he has a mission to develop this industry to grow bigger, better, and bring more success, especially in Indonesia and SEA.

Last but not least, Darren also confers some tips for newbies working in the eSports industry to continue working with passion, learn a lot and ask questions and dare to take opportunities.

If you want to see this talk show, you can still watch it here.

Stay tuned to the next Bountie Drop Zone episode with more interesting and formidable speakers by checking this out.



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