What’s in June from Bountie?

April has been quite a busy month for the Bountie team with the initial release of one of our major agenda Esport Tournament Organizer Challenge (ESTOC). This event is specifically designated for the Tournament Event Organizer communities. With it being released in Indonesia, though not limiting the participation from Event Organizers outside the country, this event has quite satisfying numbers of participation. Since the first launched date, we have witnessed the appearing of new faces of event organizers coming onboard on a daily basis. They are competing against each other to win our total prize…

Halo Bountie Hunters!

Masih dalam suasana hype event Esports Tournament Organizer Challenge (ESTOC) dengan total hadiah Rp. 25.000.000 yang resmi dirilis pada April

2021 lalu, Bountie nggak habis-habisnya berinovasi untuk menghadirkan program-program bombastis lainnya untuk komunitas pelaku Esport baik di Tanah Air maupun Mancanegara. Kalaupun, ESTOC emang bakal segera berakhir di akhir Mei mendatang, dan kamu belum sempat gabung di acaranya, jangan khawatir! Karena Bountie bakal ngadain event yang nggak kalah spektakuler!!

Pastinya, berkat respon positif yang terlihat dari antusiasme dan partisipasi para Event Organizer dalam ajang Challenge April lalu, bikin Bountie makin semangat untuk kasih kesempatan yang lebih merata…

Halo Bountie Hunters! Semoga sehat selalu dimanapun kamu berada, ya! Postingan kali ini, tim Bountie datang dengan membawa berita menarik! Seperti tertera pada judul postingan ini, Bountie akan bagi-bagi informasi terbaru tentang program Tournament Organizer Challenge! Biar nggak terus-terusan bikin kamu kepo, yuk simak terus kelanjutannya!

Siapa di antara kalian yang menebak kalau program Bountie kali ini adalah challenge untuk Tournament Event Organizer? Yak, betul banget! Program ini memang ditujukan untuk Bountie Hunters yang demen banget membuat event turnamen game maupun yang berkeinginan untuk memulai pengalaman dalam bikin event turnamen game secara lebih profesional!

Pernah nggak sih kalian bayangin kalau…

Photo by Rob Hampson on Unsplash

We all know how to get a million downloads… Spend 10 million dollars on Facebook, Google and Apple ads. I’m kidding!

What if you are a small studio with limited budget, then what do you do?

There are some great tips out there of building your 1,000 True Fans and doing things that don’t scale.

More specifically for the esports and gaming industry, you could work with/on Bountie’s tournament platform to easily get your first 1,000 avid gamers.

Recently, we had the privilege to organise and host Disney’s MARVEL Super War. This is MARVEL’s first MOBA game on Mobile.

Version 1.5 Mock Up

Hello Bountie Hunters,

We pushed our first version of our platform live in May 2019. It looked great and we received positive feedback from the gamers and communities. However there was performance issues and the user experience didn’t seem to hit the mark. It took us 8 months of fixing and tweaking before we decided to throw everything into the bin and do a fresh revamp of our platform.

We restarted the design in March 2020 when Fajar first joined our team. …

Have you checked your crypto wallet?

Dear Bountie Hunters and Investors,

We are pleased to announce that the distribution of your Bountie Tokens has taken place. Congratulations! If you check your respective e-wallets, it should reflect your designated amount of Bountie Tokens. The next step for us would be to finalize our exchange listing, of which we will keep you updated.

In the meantime, we are ensuring that each and every person that has bought our Bountie Tokens thus far, is rightfully transferred their Tokens. Including those who have yet to send us their e-wallet addresses. …

7 Nov, 2018 Winter Wonders

Dear Bountie Hunters,

We did it. We have survived the winter. Not actual winter winter, I’m talking about the ICO winter that has lasted for months now. Despite all the odds, we were able to conduct a successful ICO, and as of last week, all 130 million of the public sale tokens have been snapped up! I feel a little lighter as I write this, although this was one of many important milestones in Bountie’s future it was an incredibly crucial one.

Words cannot express the gratitude that I feel for the teammates, partners, advisers and investors that have stuck…

Welcome home, Bountie!

A couple of weeks ago, Bountie was in Bangkok, Thailand, participating in the second annual Digital Thailand Big Bang. Arising from the notion, ‘Thailand BIG DATA — when the world is open, we evolve and progress’, the international exhibition is dedicated to analysing the state of innovation and Big Data in Asia, to understanding how Big Data can be integrated to enhance one’s everyday life as well as the growth of different businesses. With approximately 300,000 people in attendance, Big Bang is the largest event Bountie has ever taken part in. Even Thailand’s Prime Minister, Prayut Chan-o-cha, came down to…

Great news, Bountie Hunters! We are proud to announce that we are now listed on LATOKEN. LATOKEN is a simple, fast and secure way to exchange cryptocurrency and assets which has also been listed in CoinMarketCap’s Top 50 in July 2018. Although the actual selling of BNTE can only be done after ICO is over, you can now buy BNTE through LATOKEN.


Kindly and proudly organised by Lex, our Chief Executive Officer, Bountie recently held its first official Family Day at the beautiful W Hotel in Sentosa! It was an extra fun day for all, as our loved ones got to take part in Bountie’s bonding madness; everyone was invited: friends, families, significant others too! Even more special was the fact that we had the opportunity to show them, through our Townhall, the type of work we do, the great progress we’ve made and the kind of company we really are.

Bountie Townhall

The first item on the agenda was the Townhall. Kicking off…

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Bountie is a platform for gamers to earn a living from gaming.

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